Sunday, December 18, 2011

A Superb Santa

As an adult (particularly an adult with children) you realize that along with the joy of Christmas it is also a lot of work. Between decorating the house, buying presents, hosting/attending parties, completing crafts with kids, it’s kind of a wonder that there is any time left. But of course, there has to be time left because someone has to be Santa. When you’re little you think that Santa lives at the North Pole and all his elves help him pack up his magical sleigh to deliver gifts to good boys and girls. However, as adults you realize that the jolly, red suited man is actually YOU and the only elves you have are spouses, friends, and the delivery man. As I sit here worrying about when I will find the time to wrap the presents, I wonder how my mother ever did it. She was widowed at a young age and left to raise two very small children on her own. When I think back on my childhood I can always remember decorating the tree, setting up the Nativity scene, and on Christmas morning excitedly coming down the hall to see all the presents that Santa left. My mother lived before the age of online shopping, so how she managed to get out alone, have money to buy presents, hide them, and make Christmas morning magical every year is beyond me. She always got me and my brother just what we wanted and more. I am sure that it was beyond stressful for her but she never showed it. She always had a smile on and I think she was truly happy to make the holidays special for us. So when I begin to worry about small things, I try to take a minute to remind myself of just how lucky I am. I have a family that is healthy and complete and my “problems” are actually quite miniscule in the grand scheme of things. So the presents may not be wrapped perfectly and the house may not be immaculate, but the children are going to wake up Christmas morning and have the same excited face that I had as a child and I think that's pretty cool.

Baby Diane (13 Months Old)

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