Monday, December 12, 2011

I Just Don’t Want to Play

I love being a stay at home mom. Along with being home though there are also chores. Please note my house is NOT immaculate. I do the best I can to just keep on top of the endless clean up that comes from meals, snacks, drinks, and toy pick up. So when Daniel goes up for his nap (he’s my only napper left), all I want to do is get done the chores that I can’t do with him around and/or relax (aka check my email and write blog posts). Unfortunately, this is not what the older two want me to do. I go upstairs and put the baby (when will I stop calling him this?) in his crib and breathe a nice sigh of relief as I close the door and know I will get an hour and a half “break.” I then come down the stairs to see Isabelle has set up a puzzle for us to work on or a picnic has been set up or Henry has blocks out and ready for play. See since Daniel is a little terror, there are lots of toys and games that we have a hard time playing with him around so they only make their way out at nap time. So the baby is asleep and the kids are all excited to play with me and you know what? No part of me wants to play with them. So I half-heartedly sit for the tea party or quickly put the puzzle together and then say things like, “Ohhh, wouldn’t it be fun to watch a show?!” I do feel bad, especially when they look so cute asking me to play with them. I feel bad that I can’t be everything that they each want me to be all the time. That being said, I recognize that in order to be the best mom I can be, I do need a break and it is okay for me to say no.  Although, they are disappointed, they get over it and will play on their own.  Ultimately, when they look back on their childhood, are they going to remember that their mother wouldn’t play Memory with them one day? Probably not. Will they remember that their mother did the best she could and that there were lots of fun days filled with play? Hopefully.
Play with us!!!

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