Thursday, December 1, 2011

What’s in a Name?

During every pregnancy that I’ve had, Tim and I never immediately agreed on baby names. We never found out the sex of the baby so we would go in on delivery day with a short list of a couple of boy names and a couple of girl names. At that point, we had each vetoed several of the other person’s names but still didn’t have a clear “winner” picked. We also never shared our potential names with anyone. I’m honestly not concerned with what other people think of the name we choose. It’s our child, our name choice, and I didn’t want to give people the opportunity to voice their opinion about our choices before the baby came.

Truthfully, Tim did not like the name Isabelle. However, after her delivery he said I could name her whatever I wanted. Since she was our first and Tim was still in shock. I’m pretty sure I could have named her Supercalifragilist and he would have said okay. Her middle name is Rose because that was my mother’s name. When I was pregnant with Isabelle, Henry was Tim’s top choice name if she had been a boy. At the time, I said and I quote “I will never name a child of mine Henry.” Fast forward, fourteen short months later and I delivered a Henry. It’s funny how your perspective can change in just a short amount of time. When we told everyone his name, my family said things like “Henry??...Oh, that’s nice” or “Was that Tim’s father’s name??” (it wasn’t). Yet, everyone in Tim’s family was excited about the name and loved it. Henry’s middle name is Stephen because that was my father’s name.

Nineteen months later the name battle began again and another boy arrived. Conveniently, both Tim and I each have a brother named Daniel. Now was he named after my brother? Tim’s brother? Was it just a name that we liked? We’ll just let everyone think what they want on that one. Keeping with tradition, Daniel’s middle name is Wayne which was Tim’s father’s name. I love that all their middle names are our parents’ names particularly since both my parents and Tim’s father have passed away. Although the children will not know these grandparents, they will at least be namesakes which will last a lifetime. 
This was Isabelle when she met Henry for the first time. Perhaps, she didn't like the name either!

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