Friday, December 30, 2011

Things You Should Not Say to Your 1 Year Old

As you may know, Daniel has always been our problem child and keeps us on our toes. The past couple of days he has been taking daily doses of cranky pills and is driving me crazy. Last night, during a one hour span I said the following things to him:

  • You make me drink.
  • Get away from me!!
  • You are the devil.
  • You’re going to the orphanage.

That’s right, I said all of those things to him in just one hour. Good thing he still can’t talk otherwise he might tattle on me. 


  1. This is the PERFECT picture for this post... he's got a little devilish look in his eye here!! Oh Daniel... at least you know it will be a clean orphanage (no matter what, your mother has standards!) Hang in there (both of you!) :o)

  2. It is a good thing he is soooo darn cute!!

  3. His cuteness factor is definitely why we've allowed him to stay around for so long!

  4. Diane, this post is why I love you so much. I sincerely doubt the existence of any mother who hasn't at least thought any or all of those very things at one time or another.

  5. oh my! #1 i love that picture! #2 i love your honesty! i can't wait to meet you at blissdom!
    thanks so much for connecting!

  6. Can you say this to your teens? I have four of them and I want to say this stuff almost every minute of every day.

  7. I laughed at this entry :) You are too funny!!
    (we all feel it sometimes)

    1. Thanks! Some days are definitely easier than others!

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