Thursday, December 22, 2011

Tis the Season Not to Complain

With just a couple of days left before Christmas, I know what I have at the top of my wish list – To hear fewer complaints. Now I know it’s natural to have complaints when it’s a busy, expensive time of year but come on people. Let’s have some holiday cheer. Now, I am not without the complaining bug myself but I do think that some people have been bitten by the bug more than others. We all know people who just take every single task and put a negative swing on it. Can’t think of anyone? Well then maybe it’s you. Here’s the thing: We are all doing the same things this time of year. We all have shopping to do, cards to send, parties to attend, family to see, baking to do, traveling to do, etc. etc. etc. If these are your biggest problems right now then you’re life is pretty good if you ask me. If these tasks make you that miserable then why don’t you make some changes? Buy less, do less, have a few vodka shots, do whatever it is that will make you happy. So leave the Grinch north of Whoville, put a smile on your face, ditch the grievances at the door, and join me in a toast (or ten) to the most wonderful time of the year!

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