Friday, January 27, 2012

HATCHEDit Event - Get Organized!

I recently had the opportunity to participate in an Ambitious Moms event and learn about HATCHEDit.  For those who don’t know, HATCHEDit is a one stop, online spot for all your family’s organizational needs. HATCHEDit was created by two busy moms who understand the need to have information readily and easily available for all family members. Now I’m not going to lie, the thought of moving to a completely digital calendar makes me a little nervous. I currently have a small calendar/planner that is like my Bible. It has EVERYTHING in it and I look at it about ten times a day. It is kind of like my best friend. I need it…or do I?

The real draw about HATCHEDit for me is the online calendar in which multiple family members can add their own events (all handy dandily color coded). Currently, my planner is the sole holder of all information regarding plans and anything calendar related in my family. If Tim needs/wants to do something, he emails me (he’s usually at work), I check the physical calendar, email him back, he then emails me to confirm he made plans, and I add it to the calendar. As you can imagine, there can be flaws in this system. There would be more flaws actually if I wasn’t so anal on top of things. With HATCHEDit, we will be able to have one online calendar that he will be able to easily check availability and then add his items to the calendar. This is pretty exciting for me. Also, you can share your information (as much or as little as you want) with other groups, family members, and friends.  You can also send invites via HATCHEDit to functions and upcoming events.  HATCHEDit currently has an Android phone app and the IPhone App will be funcitioning within a few weeks. Organization on the go – score! Oh wait, I haven't told you the best part's free! You simply visit the website and set up your account - FREE!

While learning about this product I was also able to guzzle sample wine from Mirassou Winery. I tried the Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Grigio, and the Chardonnay which were all fabulous.  After a long week with a sick child and having given up wine for a couple of weeks trying to be good for my Biggest Loser competition, it was JUST what I needed. 

On top of that, I walked away with a cascading file organizer from The Container Store.  After cleaning out three closets this week (we were home bound A LOT), I’m having dreams of the Container Store!

So if you need me this weekend, I’ll be busy organizing my life like all good Ambitious Moms should. Why don’t you check out HATCHEDit and The Container Store, and do the same? While sipping on some wine, of course. 

*I was invited to attend this event and was compensated for this post. All opinions are 100% my own*
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