Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Random Facts About Me

Now that I have some new followers (thank you!), I figured I’d share a bit more about myself. Here are nine random facts about me:
  1. I am OBSESSED with lip balm – Vaseline, Blistex, Chapstick, you name it. I need it with me constantly and freak out if I don’t have it.
  2. The first night I ever met my husband was at a bar where I called him in @sshole.  We didn’t see each other again until years later and then started dating. Apparently, he’s my @sshole for life.
  3. I grew up in a household where fruits and vegetables were non-existent and condiments were butter and salt. It is my solemn swear that this will not be how my children grow up.
  4. My husband and I abandoned the typical tropical honeymoon idea and went to Alaska instead. I am not a real “woodsy” type of girl but we had an amazing time. I’m so glad we ventured off the beaten path.
  5. I put ketchup on my pizza.
  6. When growing up, I was quiet and shy. I didn’t fully come out of my shell until after college.
  7. I sleepwalk.
  8. I’ve had three fast, furious, and DRUG FREE deliveries of my children.
  9. I can most likely beat anyone in a sneezing competition because I am basically allergic to the world. I have ridiculous allergies to just about everything that can often last all year through. 
 Why did I stop the list at nine facts and not ten? Well, you’ll just have to keep reading more posts to find out more about me!

Me on a glacier tour at Kenai Fjords, Alaska (2006)


  1. That's the same year my husband and I were married! I love that you went to Alaska. We went to New Zealand for 3 weeks, rented a car, and explored the country. Ketchup on pizza? And you think vomit pots are weird?? lol

  2. I think that would be my husbands dream honeymoon. We didn't take one at all! Oh and I am complete Chapstick addict myself, has to be Chapstick though, my husband thinks I am mental when I freak out because I can't find it!

  3. 1. I am in love with EOS (http://evolutionofsmooth.com/products_lip_sphere.html)
    2. I never used the word @sshole (really about Tim?), but I didn't like my husband when we knew each other in high school
    4. We did Montreal, Europe with no plane ride.
    8. Not fair!
    9. I wonder if anyone has ever done a study of redheads and allergies. It seems the ones I know suffer more than others.

  4. I love lip balm, too! And on one of our first few dates, I told all of my husband's friends that he was NOT my boyfriend. I can't believe he kept dating me! Congrats on the drug-free deliveries! My third came so fast, I almost didn't have time for an epidural. I kind of wish of wish I wouldn't have had it.

    Found you through Honest Mom's link up! :)

  5. No fruits or veggies ever? And you were all healthy? I can't imagine not having them.

    Visiting from Honest Mom's linkup.


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