Monday, January 9, 2012

Top Reasons that Sippie Cups are Magicians

Here are the top 3 reasons that sippie cups are master magicians:
  • In order to be a great magician, you must master the art of deception. How does the sippie do this? Well it gives you the illusion that it is leak proof and spill proof while actually being the complete opposite. Through three kids and many cups, I have yet to find one that lives up to its claims. A master deceiver indeed.
  • To be a good magician, you must have great patience. The sippie has this. It will wait and wait until the right moment when either the child is flipping out and/or you are about to walk out the door and then…
  • It disappears! This is by far the skill that the sippie has mastered the most. You will see it on the coffee table no more than 30 seconds earlier and then voila it is gone. You will then waste the next 10 minutes of your life looking for it. Inevitably, it winds up under the couch even though you checked there multiple times already. I can’t even get mad anymore because I am just in awe of its skills.
I have come to determine that the sippie cups come down from the cabinets each night and practice these skills while we sleep. After all, to be a great magician, practice makes perfect!

We watch you while you sleep...


  1. I hate them. If I don't have a 4th baby, they'll be the first thing to go!!!

  2. Too funny, and so true! The companies that make them are doing all right for sure, because we keep on buying news ones to find one that doesn't leak, and we always need more because we can never find them.

  3. I have only known them for a short time and I already hate them, washing them, well...that is the worst, because it is never ending and I only have ONE child! Ans she is very picky with her sippy cups, so the others will wait, taking up precious cabinet space until she decides to use them.


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