Friday, January 20, 2012

It Finally Snowed!

As you may know, I’ve been wondering where the snow has been. The kids were excited to find out that it came last night while they were sleeping. The storm was really nothing and we only got about four to five inches but you would have thought Isabelle had died and gone to heaven. She was beyond excited to go out and play in it. Of course, I made her wait until Daniel’s nap time so we could head out without him. I might take him out later today but it’s just so much easier not to have him out on the initial trip.  While Isabelle is a little snow bunny, Henry is far from it and spent most of the time expressing his disinterest in the snow. It’s pretty awesome to listen to a three year old complain while you’re trying to shovel the driveway. Here are some pictures of our big adventure outside...

Henry when we first went outside - "Snow!!!"

Henry after being out for 10mins - "I want go inside. I no like snow. My gingas (aka fingers) cold."

Isabelle happily helping

Snow Angels!

The snow was too fluffy for a snowman but we were able to put together this little guy.

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