Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Most Annoying Facebook Posts

I love Facebook. I think it’s a great tool to stalk keep up to date on people. I am constantly checking it day and night. Some might say I’m obsessed. Of course, with any great love there is always a downfall. This time however, it’s not Facebook, it’s the people (aka my friends). So here we go folks, my top list of things that people do that drive me crazy on Facebook:
  • When people use extremely vague and dramatic language when they are clearly talking about one specific person and/or event.  Example: “I can’t believe that someone who claims to be my friend would go behind my back and be so hurtful.”  Of course this post is then followed by comments from people that are nicer than me that say things like, “Oh, I hope everything is okay,” “I’m thinking of you,” “Call if you need me. Hugs.” You will never receive such a response from me because if you’re not going to give us the details behind it then I don’t want to hear about it (period). Thank you.
  • When people act much tougher on Facebook than they are in real life. Example: “It’s a good thing that girl walked away when she did otherwise I would have showed her just how mad I really was.” Really? You’re a skinny, white girl, who has never hurt a fly what exactly were you going to show her? I for one would have liked to have seen if she hadn’t walked away. 
  • When people post EVERY single thing they do in a day. You went to work, the gym, cooked dinner, are going to bed - Guess what?   No one really cares. Unless there is a specific reason for posting it or there was a funny thing that happened, then I don’t need to hear it. Thank you.
  • When people constantly post about how sick they are or their children are. Now occasional posts letting people know that you and your loved ones have come down with the plague are okay. However, I don’t want to hear endless posts about how you are feeling and ones that are clearly just looking for an (over)abundance of sympathy. I also do not need to hear all about the color mucous your kid is coughing up and I definitely don’t need to see a picture of it. Why don’t you try sending a private message to your doctor instead? Thank you.

Are you guilty of doing some of the above? Well then you might just be on the Facebook friend chopping block.

What status updates make your blood boil?
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