Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Skeleton School

If you ask Henry where he is starting school in the Fall he will tell you “Skeleton School.”  It’s really no surprise to us. I mean, what little boy who’s obsessed with Scooby Doo, Ghostbusters, and all things spooky wouldn’t want to go to Skeleton School?  Today I figured I’d get to the bottom and find out what he thinks goes on at Skeleton School.  Here is his response…


And you thought I was kidding when children asked if he was bilingual! God love Henry and his wild imagination and inability to speak in real worlds that the rest of the world understands. One of the few things that can be understood that they do at Skeleton School is “Uncle Dan Puzzles.” Although I have no idea what those are, my brother should feel quite honored that he is associated with something as cool as Skeleton School. Maybe Henry thinks they will sit around and talk about spooky things and do puzzles with Uncle Dan’s face on them.  Of course, he’ll have quite the shock when he ends up at the same Christian based preschool that we’ve been sending Isabelle to. It is far from the Skeleton School that he dreams of. I try to gear him up for it and talk about the teachers and the fun things that Isabelle does there. He acknowledges the awesomeness of her school but then informs me that he won’t be going there since he’ll be at Skeleton School.  Well at least he’s consistent, right?


  1. "...and buddy money!" Sooo cute!

  2. I actually understood most of that...this worried me a bit-lol! It's so weird when you realize that the voice you imagine someone having, and that you associate with their picture in your mind, is nothing like reality. Not in a bad way- just completely different!


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